Group Health



We pride ourselves on providing service and support at unprecedented levels – instead of your file being passed from one person to another, or your questions being directed to a general email or call centre, your assigned Benefits Specialist handles your file from start to finish, and everywhere in between.

The following items are just a few ways our Group Benefits Specialists support you and your plan:

Educate & Assist

  • We provide regular assistance for the plan administrator, and also schedule onsite tutorials regarding the online administration of the plan – this is designed to save you time and paperwork when enrolling new employees, terminating coverage and/or changing plan member information
  • Our Specialists also coordinate Employee Education Sessions to help you introduce and explain new benefits, a change in carriers, etc. – this will ensure any specific questions can be answered right away

Report & Negotiate

  • Provide regular reporting on how the plan is being utilized – these reports will help you keep tabs on how the plan is running, and provide a sense of how renewals may turn out
  • At renewal, the Specialist deals directly with the insurer and negotiates rates, etc. on your behalf – if necessary, they will also ensure the plan goes to market to ensure the pricing is fair and accurate

Advocate & Resolve

  • If you run into problems, or a plan member has issues with claims, we go to bat with the insurer so you don’t have to. This is where we take the reins – it’s also where we differentiate ourselves from other firms