SPM Benefits in association with Canada Life offers a plan for Individuals who have not recently had coverage through an Employer or Individuals who would like access to coverage for Health and Dental benefits.  This plan is ideal for contract workers, self-employed or an employee with limited or not benefits.  You can choose from 3 plans* Medical Underwriting may be required.  Every plan gives you access to Teladoc Medical Experts, Consult+(virtual access to health care professionals), GroupNet (to submit claims, check benefit information) and a Health & Wellness site.

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Important Notice: this information is intended as a summary of the coverage provided.  The policy contains important definitions, limitations, and exceptions.  You’ll receive the policy shortly after you have been approved for coverage.  Please read the policy carefully when you receive it.  For further assistance or questions on your individual benefit plan please contact Canada Life at 1-800-565-4066.